On 3/18/20 Dom Green documented his journey through the empty NYC streets and captured a few perspectives from individuals on how the pandemic has affected them. Thank you for watching.

Stay Well + Stay Positive,

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 With cities from coast to coast being riddled with fear during this pandemic, many people are also faced with financial turmoil. From the service industry, retail employees, independent contractors and Street Performers like J.P. Couling aka “Tear Soup” rely on human interaction in order to pay the bills. None of us have any definite answers on when it’ll be safe to go back to life as we knew it weeks before the threat of COVID-19, but it sheds light on how fragile life is. 

When we interviewed J.P. Couling on 3/18/20 in Washington Square Park NY, NY, J.P. seemed to be optimistic about what he could control. We asked him, “What do you hope our future is for the next couple months” his response,’If anything, peace, happiness, love and understanding for all mankind and acceptance for one another.”-J.P. Couling. CONTINUE READING..

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